Danko Jevtović – International Board Member and Advisor in the fields of cyber security, corporate goverance, finance, entrepreneurship, and Internet.

My mission is to support Serbian and regional companies in adopting modern economy business governance. I have the unique experience of being a serial entrepreneur in Serbia. As an Internet and finance expert, I am currently a board member of ICANN, the USA-based corporation that is the steward of Internet identifiers (global domain names and IP addresses).

Serbia is a country that is in transition to become a member of the European Union. Part of this transition includes its restructuring to a modern market economy, implementation of regulatory changes, and encouragement of the growth of Serbian corporations. Good corporate governance is a critical element in creating investors’ trust that will support successful achievement of this transition.

I believe I can contribute to creating value on a strategic level, and help bring about the best business practices that develop investors’ trust. I am doing scientific research on current corporate governance practices with a vision to identify and develop recommendations that can be most beneficial in practice. I am helping to inform and educate local companies about the importance and value of corporate governance.

I am well positioned to use my international network and knowledge to help the growth of local business, and my regional network to help international companies and investors be more diverse and better navigate the wider South-East Europe region. I am willing to serve on corporate or advisory board of companies that are looking to improve their governance and diversity.

More info on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dankoj/

You can contact me: danko@jevtovic.rs